Compass Marketing is here to help you, the loan officer, create and maintain relationships. Our marketing strategy is completely shaped by this relational approach. We want to be interested, not interesting in what we do. This is how you build relationships, and loyal customers.

Community Events & Strategy

Compass pours our marketing dollar into things that, 90% of the time, flow right back to the community. We have found the most success with events that are connected to the communities and interests you’re established with and feel strongly about.

Whether you are in a photography group or sport league, coach a sport or cheer for a sport, indulge in movies or cooking, or throw the annual block party – we have your back! We’ve hosted events that touch all of these areas and so much more, and we love meeting new communities, too!

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

We’ve got a trailer full of family fun and our mobile experience team available to help you pull it all off. We’re talking block parties, mother-daughter pottery, father-son golf, movies in the park, Halloween carnivals, baseball games, there’s a lot you can do. Leading with intention and purpose on your events will lead to rooted success in the communities you care most about.

Video Team

At Compass, you can offer free videos to non-profits or local businesses that you care about. Our video team will go out and get their story. Not only are you building relationships with these organizations and getting in front of a completely new audience, but you get the chance to give something that a lot of businesses can’t afford.

Social Media

Our social media team is active. Social media either bores you, scares you, or consumes you. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between… but wherever you stand, Compass cranks out some great content. Your clients and partners will be able to see and share our videos, enter an extremely incentivizing giveaway or two, or 10… and engage with you throughout the day.

Referral Source Events

You need an environment to build relationships. Here at Compass Mortgage, we believe in nurturing our relationships with our referral partners. The best conversations happen face-to-face. That’s why we are dedicated to getting our referral partners to events.

Co-opted Marketing

Marketing your way. We all don’t fit into a single mold. That’s why Compass Mortgage is here to help. We have a co-opting program to encourage customized marketing programs for you.

Global Marketing Your Way

Here at Compass Mortgage, you can expect to have a full arsenal of already-made materials available for your use. We also create customized marketing materials at your request.

Automated Custom Content

Everyone is busy. Getting your contacts into a steady, yet relevant, marketing campaign is a must. We have the tools to get your complete list of current and past clients into our automated system.

Educating Our Clients

Compass Mortgage values the educational phase of the home-buying process. We have staff dedicated to creating original videos and blogs for our clients to learn from so that they enter this process with eyes wide open.