We want to ensure that you have the right tools to sell fast, smart, and easily. Compass Mortgage provides a myriad of ways to market your name and brand to prospects, past client and referral partners. Compass Mortgage is ahead of the curve, employing the most up-to-date marketing strategies, and focusing on guiding your clients from the beginning stages of mortgage education through closing. This sets us apart from other companies.

Referral Source Events

You need an environment to build relationships. Here at Compass Mortgage, we believe in nurturing our relationships with our referral partners. The best conversations happen face-to-face. That’s why we are dedicated to getting our referral partners to events.


Clients are often overwhelmed by the amount of advertising that is pushed at them during the home-buying process. Other lenders and realtors continuously market to them on other home buying websites. We protect your clients and your referral partners clients with a direct access to the MLS through this app without the pesky advertisements of your competition while they search.

Sold Home Alert

Would it be beneficial for you to know when your past clients are thinking of purchasing a new home even before they tell you? We have an 98% open rate drip campaign that our clients aren’t able to resist. Whether they want to know the value of their home or just be a nosy neighbor, the Sold Home Alert is the program for them.

Co-opted Marketing

Marketing your way. We all don't fit into a single mold. That's why Compass Mortgage is here to help. We have a co-opting program to encourage customized marketing programs for you.

Global Marketing

Here at Compass Mortgage, you can expect to have a full arsenal of already-made materials available for your use. We also create customized marketing materials at your request.

Automated Marketing

Everyone is busy. Getting your contacts into a steady, yet relevant, marketing campaign is a must. We have the tools to get your complete list of current and past clients into our automated system.

Pricing At Your Fingertips

Raw rates are essential to you doing your job well. With our system, you have direct access to all of our investors, helping you choose the best product for you and your client. You and your client will also have access to a mobile app for “on-the-go” pricing.

Educating Our Clients

The new way of purchasing a home is here. The timeline is the same but there is much more importance on the educational phase of purchasing a home. Here at Compass Mortgage, we value this stage of the home-buying process. We have staff dedicated to creating original blogs and white pages for our clients to learn from so that they enter this process with eyes wide open.

Community Marketing

Here at Compass Mortgage, our clients matter, which is why we implement a community marketing approach to our event planning. Our marketing team targets small groups of people in a loan officer's database to extend learning or entertainment opportunities that cater to their lifestyles, careers, interests, and hobbies.