Compass Pie Day Giveaway

It’s tradition, and people will do anything for pie – seriously! Each year, we hand out pies to all of our clients and partners at our office locations. This gives the opportunity to dedicate two days to reconnect with past clients and meet future clients, see referral partners and connect with the community.

We offer a unique and fun experience each year – whether a team member in a turkey costume is handing out pies or guests are getting donuts from the best in town, we always find a way to crank it up a notch each year.

Pie Day Turkey

When we talk about Pie Day, we always come back to the stories. The people in our communities are so special to us and we value this opportunity to catch up each year. Some are just happy to be there for pie, while others share more of how life has been over the past year, or how the Compass experience truly made a difference in their life.

Pie Day Testimonials

This week is a great opportunity to connect with past, present, and potential clients, and we also get to hear their amazing stories when they stop by to get their pies. One of our loan officers shared that her client discovered she had cancer around this time last year. This year, she came in to pick up her pie and delivered the good news that she is cancer free! A Loan Officer at Compass shared, “It’s amazing to celebrate these victories with our clients in person!

A client shared with us that Compass helped her out during one of the most difficult times of her life. After going through a divorce, she was unsure that she was going to be able to qualify for a mortgage. Our team worked tirelessly on her paperwork, and she was able to close on her house right on time. We loved hearing this amazing story during pie week!