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That’s the Difference

Compass Culture Snowmobile

No-Suit Sales Trips That are Actually Fun!

The purpose of the Compass sales trip is to bring team members together to celebrate the great year and common commitment of doing better for the company.

You can expect:

  • dinners
  • live music
  • dancing
  • golfing
  • nature adventures
  • gifts
  • a welcoming Compass family

Core Values that Actually Define Us

Infinite Worth

Everyone has value. We believe we are called to treat every person we meet with love and respect.


Regardless of the situation, we adhere to a moral and ethical code that will not be broken.


We go above and beyond in all that we do. You are always moving in a direction – you are either getting better or getting worse.

We live our culture.

We live our culture. Because we give our team members the tools to do their jobs well, we’ve created a family-like atmosphere of respect, success, and excellence. Our team members are proud of who we are and what we do. We bring on great people first and foremost!

“Home to a Better Mortgage Experience” is our tagline because we believe our work ethic, execution and culture set us apart from other companies. Furthermore, our tagline extends beyond the office. We believe in the well-balanced life. Being successful at Compass doesn’t mean sacrificing family time – our families come before all else.