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in both loan amount and number of loans in 2020 vs. 2019

Top 5 refinance months in 2020

Most refi's closed in a year

Most originations ever by more than



Top 5 origination months in Compass history in 2020

We closed more loans in by August 10, 2020 than our previous best year (2019)

Skip Brown

There really is no better place than Compass. The main reason is the people…it really is family. The people here want you to do well; [they] give you the atmosphere, the tools, the equipment to do well…I generated, myself, about $100 million in 2019. I have four children. I went to every single one of their games. I drove carpool. It’s not like I worked 60 hours.

2020 Closed Loan Volume - $137 Million

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Our marketing and sales team help determine your community and how to build relationships from within. From there, we extend learning or entertainment opportunities that cater to their lifestyles, careers, interests, and hobbies. Let us know your passion and we will help you sell it.

See how loan officer Andrés Jiménez utilizes his brand to build customer relationships


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